Top 7 Fashion Questions and Answers

Posted on August 02 2022

Top 7 Fashion Questions and Answers



1. What is fashion in clothing?

Fashion is exclusive. Fashion is a way to express yourself in any setting, using clothing, makeup, hair, posture. Fashion is art.



2. How will the style be in 2022?

 Long ankle dresses, crop tops with wide leg pants, knit sweater sets, denim on denim matched perfectly or not at all. Puffy sleeves are in through the end of the year. Bold colors are in this season. Kelley green, sunset orange & yellow. Sleeveless fingerless gloves are also very much on trend.




3. What is a jacket for a dress called? 

Shrug is a cropped cardigan jacket that comes with short or long sleeves and usually has a tailored fit. A Parka is another term for a jacket made of jean material.



4. How do you wear a jacket with a dress? 

Match the length of your dress with your jacket for a uniform look. Wool jackets will always be a classic go-to for any dress Maxi coat or midi length or you can rock a cropped jacket with any dress. You can go for the same length or longer. When in doubt, match the length of your coat to your dress. Gives you a streamlined look.



5. What coats do you wear with dresses? 

Oversized, exaggerated coats are in the season. Pick your color and fabric, whether teddy, shearling or wool.



6. What do you wear over a formal dress when it's cold? 

Long gloves, leather jacket, shawl, scarf.



7. What do you wear inside a jumpsuit? 

You can wear a formal shirt, or a fitted version. Pair with a long sleeve shirt or tie a white shirt over the jumpsuit.



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